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pharmaceutical outsourcing

Serialization For the Rest of Us – Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers Achieving Post-Deadline DSCSA Compliance

By: Angela Holley, Business Development Director, WDPrx – Woodfield Pharmaceutical, LLC Nearly half of pharmaceutical manufacturers responding to a 2018 survey conducted by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, an industry trade group, stated their products would not be serialized before the November 2018 deadline for DSCSA compliance. The fact is, a large number of small to mid-size manufacturers continue to search for compliance solutions. For this segment, confusion about DSCSA pharmace...

The Cost and Expense of Technology Transfer

Although they appear as synonyms in the thesaurus, the words ‘cost’ and ‘expense’ have two different meanings when referring to technology transfer in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. A technology transfer is the process of changing manufacturers of a pharmaceutical drug product.  The pharmaceutical outsourcing procedure involves thorough analysis of every phase of the current manufacturing process from raw materials sourcing and process requirements to equipment s...

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management: Changing Without Delay

By Adam Runsdorf, WDPrx President SUPPLY CHAIN OLYMPICS Compare clinical trial supply chain management to an Olympic sport and ‘balance beam’ would be an appropriate choice.  Successful trials demand a blend of costs and benefits to achieve desired results. Effective clinical trial supply chains increase efficiency and reduce risk while remaining on budget.  This task is challenging within conventional clinical trial environments.  New technologies for trial management may create more dif...

WDPrx Monthly Newsletter July 2017

WDPrx continues to expand business opportunities with industry outreach and news stories highlighting our full range of development, manufacturing and testing capabilities. Click here to read the most recent update....

Contract Packaging Operations At The Center Of Transition To Serialization

A version of this story appeared in the June 2017 issue of Contract Pharma Magazine under the title “Adapt Or Die.” Adapt Or Die As companies within the pharmaceutical supply chain near the November 27, 2017 deadline for the most recent phase of DSCSA compliance, contract packaging operations with comprehensive serialization implementation programs will see their business increase due to the new requirements. A primary goal of the DSCSA is improving information transparency to minimi...