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Stay Up To Date With All Developing News From WDPrx: July 2020

WDPrx – Woodfield Pharmaceutical, LLC is a proven and reliable CMO pharma partner specializing in oral solutions, liquid solutions, suspensions and semi-solids managing early-stage development, R+D, technology transfer, pharmaceutical formulation and development, exhibit batches, ANDA and NDA regulatory support.

New OTC Medication Order Fulfilled

WDPrx  signed a Supplier Agreement with a large customer to sell Over-the-Counter liquid products to be repackaged and distributed throughout The United States using their partnerships with large wholesalers.

Increased Shelf Life

WDPrx extends shelf life for client products in our on-site analytical testing laboratory utilizing an extended stability protocol.

Commercialization For Liquid Based Product

WDPrx installed and initiated use this month of small-fill equipment designed to package liquid products containing 5mL or less per container.

DSCSA Serialization

WDPrx assists pharmaceutical companies and other Contract Manufacturers with DSCSA-compliant serialization services to support a new product launch.