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Organization Strengthening Sustainable Drug Disposal Gains WDPrx Support

WDPrx recently joined the Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Work Group (PPSWG), a national membership organization managing the complex laws generated by multiple levels of government concerning disposal of unwanted and unused medications

Learning the rules for donation and reuse of pharmaceutical drug products for each U.S. State may cause a headache requiring a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug product.  As of Fall 2018, 38 states and Guam enacted laws for drug donation and reuse, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).  Despite passing laws, many jurisdictions do not have a working organization to carry out or monitor the legislation.

As a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) specializing in non-sterile liquids, gels and semi-solid products, WDPrx works with pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve sustainability and environmental best practices for product returns, reuse and destruction.

“WDPrx complies with guidelines established by Federal and State regulatory authorities for safe product development, manufacture, distribution, return and destruction,” according to company President Adam Runsdorf.  “Membership in PPSWG will help promote and strengthen our best practices in these areas of our operations to assure protection of the environment and patients.”