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Primary and Secondary Packaging

Flexible Solutions

WDPrx specializes in a variety of primary and secondary packaging for Over-The-Counter, prescription and specialty products including cosmetics, nutritional supplements and medical foods.  Modern packaging lines accommodate plastic and glass bottles and jars, nasal spray devices, metal and laminate tubes.  Secondary packaging and re-labeling equipment processes cartons, shrink-wrapping and shrink sleeves.

Equipment at WDPrx is supplied with gravity-fed lines with no mechanical intervention.  Stainless steel piping throughout the facility upholds cleanliness regulations and resist corrosion.  Each project is treated with special handling that may include manual, semi-automated or fully-automated filling.  Tamper-evident applications increase patient and family safety.  Packaging and labeling capabilities include unique requirements for clinical trial shipments.

Packaging and Labeling Development

Packaging and Labeling Development

Packaging and labeling is critical to the authorized and successful commercialization of pharmaceutical drug products.  Effective packaging and labeling helps to ensure customer safety, avoid product delays, recalls and enforcement actions.  During the development stage, evidence is presented showing the final packaging configuration adequately protects the drug.  WDPrx packaging technicians work with each client to develop appropriate packaging options that meet cGMP guidelines.  Strict labeling requirements are vital to patient safety.  Labels must be informative and accurate and must also be updated when new information is obtained that is pertinent to the patient health. Safe, effective and approved packaging and labeling developed with WDPrx maintain the integrity of the product as it moves within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

DSCSA Compliance

DSCSA Compliance

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is a set of Federal regulations administered by the FDA to identify and trace certain prescription drugs distributed in the United States in order to increase patient safety, minimize diversion and reduce counterfeiting.   The FDA set a November 2017 deadline for companies to meet DSCSA regulations.  WDPrx is in compliance with current DSCSA requirements.  After the deadline passes, brand owners will be held responsible to ensure their products are handled by DSCSA-compliant companies within their pharmaceutical supply chain.

WDPrx invests significant funds to continually upgrade packaging equipment, labeling equipment and the information technology platform at the Houston, TX manufacturing facility to maintain DSCSA compliance.

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