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Houston Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

Established Houston Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Providing End-to-End Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Services Across Texas

Woodfield Pharmaceutical, LLC (WDPrx) is an established contract manufacturing organization (CMO) offering reliable end-to-end pharmaceutical outsourcing services throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, including research and development, commercial manufacturing, regulatory support, as well as primary and secondary packaging and labeling. We specialize in oral solutions, liquid solutions, suspensions and semi-solids, providing creative and flexible capabilities to not only meet, but exceed client expectations.

With more than 30 years of commercialization success, pharmaceutical companies turn to WDPrx for professionalism and expertise. Partner with an elite Houston Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer today. Contact our team to learn more about how WDPrx can provide you with superior pharmaceutical outsourcing services.

Why Choose WDPrx for Your Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Needs in Houston, TX

WDPrx is a leader in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing solutions, committed to providing unique, trusted and quality pharmaceutical services. Our modern facility in Houston, TX is DSCSA compliant and Serialization-ready. Furthermore, our company is cGMP compliant and we employ the highest standards of care as well as advanced, innovative resources to support full and swift Technology Transfer and System Integration.

Our contract manufacturing solutions include:

  • Pharmaceutical Development – Numerous steps are required before a drug product can be brought to the market after synthesis. Our Houston facility is optimized to ensure the highest quality in product development. Our systems are fully cGMP compliant and our facility is DEA licensed for Controlled Substances (Schedules I-V).
  • Commercial Manufacturing – WDPrx offers the highest quality, flexible solutions for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. With extensive expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, our team helps you minimize costs while at the same time, assuring the safe and timely production of pharmaceuticals that meets your exact specifications. As a standard, all aspects of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process are monitored extensively for quality assurance.
  • Primary and Secondary Packaging – WDPrx offers primary and secondary packaging for Over-The-Counter, prescription and other specialty products. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and designed to ensure product safety and quality.
  • Regulatory Support – At WDPrx, we pride ourselves on maintaining superior lines of communication with clients. The WDPrx Regulatory Support Department is committed to maintaining compliance requirements and implementing new regulations as dictated by federal regulatory agencies and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Partner With an Elite Houston Contract Manufacturer Today

Offering elite, flexible and cost-effective pharmaceutical contract manufacturing solutions in Houston, Texas, WDPrx ensures our customers are completely satisfied with our services – from development through production. We adhere to federal regulation laws and thoroughly maintain cGMP and DSCSA compliance with every solution offered and at every point of service. Our modern Houston facility is strategically designed with quality and care in mind, fully equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment for timeliness and safety. In addition, our expert staff performs regulatory quality control procedures to protect the integrity and value of pharmaceuticals and pharma products. For more information on our streamlined pharmaceutical outsourcing services, contact us today.