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CMO News Highlights – July 2021 | WDPrx

July Highlights Banner

In-Person Trade Event with WDPrx

Angela Holley, Director of Business Development at WDPrx, attended the ECRM trade show in Denver, Colorado to promote WDPrx development and manufacturing capabilities to representatives of branded pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Successful Audit Completion

WDPrx successfully completed a quality audit to qualify the facility as a co-manufacturer for a large OTC product with national retail distribution.

Research and Development Testing

WDPrx completes R&D batches and conducts analytical testing for a new product from a large health supplement manufacturer.

WDPrx Prepares for Flu Season

To prepare for cough and cold season, the WDPrx team ramps up production of finished goods to meet the demand from a prominent retail drug store chain.