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Client Considerations

Materials Management Anchor Link

Materials Management

Materials Management

Pharmaceutical companies seek innovation from CMO providers to minimize cost and improve production quality and delivery.  WDPrx works with clients to foster technological innovation and business process innovation.  The key to technological innovation is trust and confidence built by open communication between parties.  Business process innovation is derived from detailed analysis of the supply chain to generate cost-savings, greater efficiency and reduced complexity.  WDPrx is committed to ensuring client satisfaction through rigorous pharmaceutical validation procedures.

Quality Anchor Link


Quality Control

WDPrx focuses significant resources on pharmaceutical validation to ensure the purity and quality of the pharmaceutical drug products it manufactures.  The WDPrx technical team maintains transparency in regular communication with clients whether performing thin layer chromatography, infrared spectroscopy and other simple chemical experiments or more complicated pharmacopoeial monographs.

A wide range of scientific testing accommodates all requirements for Quality Control (QC) to ensure adherence to quality criteria established by the client and Quality Assurance (QA) to test whether a drug product under development meets desired specifications.

Operations Anchor Link


Pharmaceutical Operations

Pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers maximize profit through operational improvement. WDPrx has decades of experience in pharmaceutical operations that assist clients to locate opportunities for revenue enhancement with process optimization and to improve efficiency and client income.

Finance Anchor Link


Finance Assistance

Experience gained over thirty (30) years in continuous operation enables WDPrx to utilize past programs for the benefit of current clients.  Cost reduction initiatives are an important part of increasing operational efficiency.  Cost effectiveness, price and affordability are regularly discussed with clients and weighed against any potential impact on performance.  WDPrx specializes in the non-sterile liquid category which produces cost-savings for clients compared with CMOs that may require retro-fitting or additional equipment or infrastructure to satisfy product and manufacturing specifications.

Project Management Anchor Link

Project Management

Project Management Services

The Project Manager establishes key goals and maintains focus on objectives for internal team members and for external parties involved in the same project.  WDPrx encourages open communication to effectively interact with project managers about areas of importance including decision making, planning, negotiation and meeting management.  The CMO is a key stakeholder that is critical to program success.   WDPrx understands and appreciates this important role and works each day to exceed client expectations for communication and performance.