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Homogenization Is Key To Semi-Solid Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Producing quality semi-solids literally boils down to five key physical characteristics: homogeneity, particle distribution, spreadability, grittiness and use of surfactants. If one element fails, then the entire process breaks down. Each element must be closely monitored from beginning to end and after sale to assure patients receive the correct medication in the specified concentration throughout the life of the product. Pharmaceutical manufacturing of quality semi-solid products involves spec...

Stay Up to Date With All Developing News From WDPrx: January 2019

WDPrx – Woodfield Pharmaceutical, LLC is a proven and reliable CMO pharma partner specializing in oral solutions, liquid solutions, suspensions and semi-solids. We increase efficiency ‘from lab to launch’ managing early stage development, R+D, technology transfer, pharmaceutical formulation and development, exhibit batches, ANDA and NDA regulatory support.   Serialization Accomplished The requirements for pharmaceutical serialization compliance were completed at WDPrx last year with t...

The Cost and Expense of Technology Transfer

Although they appear as synonyms in the thesaurus, the words ‘cost’ and ‘expense’ have two different meanings when referring to technology transfer in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. A technology transfer is the process of changing manufacturers of a pharmaceutical drug product.  The pharmaceutical outsourcing procedure involves thorough analysis of every phase of the current manufacturing process from raw materials sourcing and process requirements to equipment s...

Six Steps Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Should Follow For Successful CMO Projects

The relationship between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their contract manufacturing organizations is a key factor determining successful outcomes. Several important areas should be considered during project negotiations between manufacturers and their CMO partners to maintain productive relationships that maximize positive results.  These categories include dispute resolution, division of responsibilities, changes requested outside the agreement terms, regulatory compliance filing requi...

WDPrx Monthly Newsletter July 2017

WDPrx continues to expand business opportunities with industry outreach and news stories highlighting our full range of development, manufacturing and testing capabilities. Click here to read the most recent update....

The Single Skill That Makes Or Breaks Technology Transfer Projects For Contract Manufacturers

Relationships are difficult to navigate effectively.  One party often feels the other is taking advantage of the situation.  Things are left unsaid.  Things that are said are often not meant.  Disagreements may occur. Such is the world of technology transfer for pharmaceutical contract manufacturers. Encourage Communication Technology transfer involves the efficient transition of technical and manufacturing capabilities between separate entities.  Developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical...