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Vision and Mission

Progressive and Defined

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving.   Manufacturers must operate in an environment with increasing regulation and oversight while maintaining profitability.  Our role as a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) provides the solution to balance the two important objectives.


WDPrx (Woodfield Pharmaceutical, LLC) is a proven and reliable CMO partner specializing in oral solutions, liquid solutions, suspensions and semi-solids.  Our established record of commercialization success spans more than 30 years in continual operation.

Clients tap into the deep knowledge of the WDPrx team gained from years of experience to save time and increase profitability.  Our end-to-end services offer a menu of comprehensive programs from materials management and API sourcing to development, manufacturing, regulatory support and packaging.

WDPrx is committed to “Crafting CMO Solutions,” with attention to detail, customized and innovative problem-solving with specialized focus on liquid delivery methods.

Our highest priorities are client satisfaction and manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical drug products and specialty products.  These two priorities expand the WDPrx reputation for excellence.

High standards are maintained and consistently improved by focusing on our core values of competence, communication, quality, customer service, reliable delivery and cost control.

The beneficial relationships built with regulatory authorities and with clients distinguish WDPrx as a CMO that listens carefully and produces consistently high-quality results.