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Facilities and Equipment

Flexible and Customizable

Located in Houston, TX, a national hub for the life science industry, WDPrx occupies 100,000 square feet in a single facility housing analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratories, manufacturing and packaging departments, stability chambers, warehouse space, cage and vault storage for Controlled Substances (CII-CV) and offices for regulatory and administrative functions. Our pharmaceutical laboratory testing quality assurance ensures optimal safety and compliance.


Significant investments are allocated to maintaining the building with modern technology and to facility upgrades that increase efficiency and productivity. The offices encourage collaboration among separate departments to foster ideas to support client objectives. Production suites enable the movement of equipment to meet project specifications. Product flows continuously through the facility from development to manufacturing and into packaging and labeling prior to distribution. Production equipment is available in several capacities to accommodate small, medium and large-scale orders.


WDPrx modern facilities and equipment accommodate routine and complex development and manufacturing challenges. Production is scalable from small to large batches. Our efficient packaging and labeling operations are DSCSA compliant. On-site manufacturing capabilities for non-sterile liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals include mixers our own purified water system, jacketed mixing vessels, homogenizers, propeller mixers and multiple size mixing tanks.


The Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Microbiology laboratories play a crucial part in pharmaceutical production for in-process and finished goods testing. The scientific team at WDPrx strives to improve capacity and resource utilization and increase reliability.


Microbiology, Quality Assurance and Quality Control tests are conducted in WDPrx on-site laboratories. Scientific analysis ensures optimal conditions with testing throughout pre-formulation, development, manufacturing and post-production phases. Pre-formulation testing optimizes physico-chemical properties of APIs for potency and stability. Analytical Services testing validates the suitability of the API for product requirements. Process optimization helps reduce cost by finding efficiencies in development and manufacturing.

Laboratory procedures are in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Extensive on-site packaging and labeling operations are DSCSA compliant. Primary packaging options include plastic and glass bottles and jars, nasal spray devices, metal and laminate tubes. Carton, tray and shrink-wrap are options for secondary packaging programs.

The experienced WDPrx clinical team manages distribution of drug products to clinical sites combining kitting and labeling with tamper evident/child resistance requirements.