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CMO News Highlights – August 2021 | WDPrx

Upcoming ANDA Filings The Research & Development team recently initiated demonstration batches for oral liquid drug products in final stages of preparation for upcoming ANDA filings. Bid Completion WDPrx completes multiple bids for new OTC and prescription manufacturing distribution opportunities. Formulation Finalized WDPrx finalizes the unique formulation of an OTC drug product for a national pharmaceutical distributor. Order Fulfillment for Prominent Drug Distributor Packaging Technician ...

July Highlights Banner

CMO News Highlights – July 2021 | WDPrx

In-Person Trade Event with WDPrx Angela Holley, Director of Business Development at WDPrx, attended the ECRM trade show in Denver, Colorado to promote WDPrx development and manufacturing capabilities to representatives of branded pharmaceutical manufacturers. Successful Audit Completion WDPrx successfully completed a quality audit to qualify the facility as a co-manufacturer for a large OTC product with national retail distribution. Research and Development Testing WDPrx completes R&D batche...

CMO News Highlights – June 2021 | WDPrx

Additional Services WDPrx performs analytical lab services to assist clients in saving time and costs compared to using outside labs.  A client recently had requested micro testing and an accelerated stability study for their upcoming launch. New Product for Commercial Launch WDPrx manufactures, packages and serializes commercial launch batches for a new ANDA product that recently received FDA approval through our Houston manufacturing facility. Remaining Stocked During Pandemic Shortages WDPrx...

CMO News Highlights – May 2021 | WDPrx

Meeting Order Requirements on Time WDPrx worked quickly to complete manufacturing of an OTC product using our specialty, small-fill packaging equipment to meet rapidly increasing demand. Despite longer lead times for bottles and caps amidst the pandemic, WDPrx secured all components and delivered finished goods before a backorder occurred. Increasing Demand for Over-the-Counter Medications WDPrx expects to receive sizable purchase orders from a large wholesaler for manufacturing of an OTC Monogr...

CMO News Highlights – April 2021 | WDPrx

Purified Water Supports High Quality Manufacturing  USP Purified Water is a crucial element in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. WDPrx operates a highly efficient, centralized water purification system that outputs 25-30 gallons per minute of Purified Water, USP producing  non-sterile oral solutions, liquid solutions, suspensions and semi-solids. Pandemic Resilience   WDPrx enables clients to overcome supply chain shortages due to Covid-19. With numerous shortages interrupting th...