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Assets and Values

Re-Inventing The Client Relationship

The wide range of capabilities at WDPrx ensure the proper resources in labor and equipment will be utilized for program success.

Every project is constantly evaluated against the highest benchmarks for key performance factors to ensure client satisfaction:



Clients rely on WDPrx to possess the required talent, technology and equipment to produce the desired results.  At WDPrx, our on-site teams have decades of experience in every aspect of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.  The modern facility is designed for maximum flexibility, enabling decisions to be implemented quickly.  All work procedures adhere to cGMP guidelines.  WDPrx is licensed by the DEA to handle Controlled Substances (Schedules II-V) and possesses a Drug Establishment License issued by the FDA for manufacturing and packaging.



WDPrx operates in a collaborative environment that encourages open dialog among separate teams involved in the same work project.  Often, new perspectives emerge that result in time and cost savings for the client.  Our expertise empowers clients to determine their level of involvement in the process.  Many choose to interact at every stage.  Some prefer updates at regular intervals.  In all cases, clients receive direct and immediate communication about project status, recommendations, feedback and analysis.

Effective CMO providers communicate equally well with clients and also with government and other regulatory authorities.  WDPrx interacts effectively with governmental and other regulatory authorities is a benefit many clients find valuable when working with WDPrx.  The experienced WDPrx technical team fosters professional relationships to assist when necessary that may help avoid delays and keep projects on track.  The knowledge gained from the extensive WDPrx record of successful outcomes is applied to each project for the benefit of every client.



Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires a CMO to operate at high quality standards.  Quality at WDPrx is an important investment in our people, technology and equipment.

  • People: The WDPrx team includes highly educated and experienced technicians, scientists and well-trained specialists in Regulatory Affairs, Production, Manufacturing, Distribution, Administration and Support Services.  The facility is located in Houston, TX, recognized as a prominent hub for the healthcare and energy sectors that continuously ranks among the fastest growing in the nation.  Texas ranks first in the nation for medical/clinical lab technologists and is home to six medical schools in the nation’s top 100, according to Texas State government data.  This deep talent pool enables WDPrx to provide clients with a high level of scientific knowledge, practical experience and professionalism. Quality is instilled in everyone at all times and in each department from Development and Manufacturing to Regulatory Support, primary and secondary Packaging and Distribution.
  • Technology: Liquid dosage forms including solutions, syrups, suspensions, elixirs, concentrates, suspensions and semi-solids offer advantages to patients with difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules and enable precise dosing control.  WDPrx specializes in developing and manufacturing liquid solutions and proactively anticipates challenges from product formulation, development, stability and solubility.
  • Equipment: Modern WDPrx facilities and equipment accommodate routine and complex development and manufacturing challenges for pharmaceutical outsourcing.  Production is scalable from small to large batches.  Our efficient packaging and labeling operations are DSCSA compliant.  On-site manufacturing capabilities for non-sterile liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals include mixers (steam and chilled water), homogenizers, quadro eductors, propeller mixers and multiple size jacketed vessels and mixing tanks. Laboratory tests and procedures are conducted in state-of-the-art departments for QC Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology.

Customer Service


Customer service is a vital component of overall quality at WDPrx.   Client interaction and dialog is encouraged.  Our streamlined management structure puts clients in direct communication with company decision-makers.

As an end-to-end provider managing development and manufacturing, WDPrx realizes the need for open lines of communication throughout the entire process to assure a successful outcome.

Packaging and Delivery


Successful outcomes at WDPrx extend to the efficient delivery of pharmaceutical drug products.  Extensive on-site packaging and labeling operations follow cGMP guidelines and are DSCSA compliant.  Primary packaging options include plastic and glass bottles and jars, nasal spray devices, metal and laminate tubes.  Carton, tray and shrink-wrap are options for secondary packaging programs.  WDPrx is equipped for delivery around the block and around the country to individuals, regional distribution centers and every point in between.

The experienced WDPrx clinical team also manages assembly and distribution of Pre-Clinical, Phase I and Late-Stage Clinical Trial materials combining kitting and labeling with tamper evident/child resistance requirements.



Contract manufacturing services create value for pharmaceutical manufacturers by eliminating the need to invest in new capacity required for production.  WDPrx offers end-to-end CMO services with potential cost savings along the entire development and manufacturing chain from pharmaceutical formulation through production.  WDPrx generates cost efficiencies through a combination of experienced professionals with a track record of success, modern equipment and the ability to research, develop, test, approve and manufacture drug products at our own FDA-approved laboratory facility.